Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Buddha himself declared that his teaching is profound and brief and that no such teaching has ever being taught.(pubbe ananusuthesu dahamma).Attempts were made to mutilate his teaching even when he was alive by bhikkus like Devadthta, Sunakkantha and Saathi.Brahamins said that buddha was insane (ummaththko samano gothamo)According to Maha Parinibbana Sutththa Buddha expressed his fears to Mahakassapa thero, about the likelihood doctrine being mutilated after his death.

The salient features in his teaching are

The feeling of "ego" (that I exist) ,the world and time are illusions.

These illusions are the cause of all suffering.

The cause of illusion is ignorance.(avidhya)

As long as the ignorance is there , there will be illusion(Imasming sathi idam hotthi) and therefore suffering

The way out is radical contemplation (yathabutha gnana dassana).That is one has to be always aware that these are illusions and has to be anlysing ones mind accordingly.This will help one to acquire mundane wisdom or enlightment.(virajan veethamalalan yathabhutha ganadassanam suvusuddan ahosi) .This can be done when one is engaged in ones day to day activities.One has to focus attention on ones mind.(pacchupanatha ye dhamma :thaththa thaththa vipassathi: Baddekaraththa suththa:Majjima nikaya)

What is being done is :

Erection of huge statues and dagabas,wasting physical resources.

Singing and chanting.

Worshipping trees.

Making wows and wishes.

Organising pageants.

These are not buddhas teachings.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


" May he/she attain nibbana!" most appreciations in press about Buddhists end with this.My patients some time tell me that she attained menopause six months back. Some think that nibbana is a world where people live for ever with no bother.Nibbana is a non enjoyable(avedaitha sukkha) according to buddha.Only buddhism has the concept of non enjoyable pleasure. The final goal of Buddhists is Nibbana.Having a goal hardly understood is not appropriate.

One cannot attain nibbana.He must realise that it is there when it is there.It is all over and exists universally.According to Christians God is omnipresent. So is nibbana.In fact that is the only thing that is there in the universe.We do not see it because we cannot identify it.The being forms only with a thought.If "you" look at a orange the eye cannot show "you" a orange.An image forms in the retina of the eye and disappears with an infinity rapid speed.With new rays of light coming repeated images are formed.The mind has to come forward.A symbolic eye has to form in mind to make you feel that one constant image is there.The mind has to come forward and inform you it is a orange.This is a "sanna" .Mind you ,this is not absolute information.Someone has told you down the line that things like what "you" see is an Orange.This is editing or sankara.Now your orange impinges on a symbolic eye.This is contact (passa) The orange is mental image and so is the symbolic eye.Thus contact is a non entity.But this non entity creates "feeling"
(Vedana) which has to be a non entity.You become conscious of your seeing an orange. (vinnana) The mental image (rupa) feeling (vedana)
identifying (sanna) editing the identity (sankkhara) and consciousness (vinnana) are known as five skandhas.
At the same time you form a symbolic tongue in your mind and recall the taste of the orange.You form a symbolic body in your mind and recall the feel of the orange.You form a symbolic nose in the mind and recall the smell of the orange.You form a symbolic ear and hear the word orange.Five "skandhas" appear in all six mind bases eye ear ,nose ,tongue body and mind.Thse are called ayathana.This is the formation of the being.(Aythanan patilabho skandam paathubhawao thatho nidanam purisang)But when one happens other is over.Thus the thought is never formed.The being is never formed .There is no one to die or suffer !If you accept formation of a being then there is some body to suffer and die.Why does the being form in the mind? It is because of ignorance (avidya)The knowledge that the thought is never formed and therefore neither I nor the world exists is nibbana.But one has to experience this beyond doubt (pacchattan vedithabbo).
This knowledge is worldly wisdom (lokoththara pragna).The moment this gets converted to mundane knowledge (lokoththara pragna)
you have become enlightened.If one is mindful enough to keep contemplating this thought by thought and goes on rejecting the thought,therefore the world and therefore"me" he will become enlightened sooner or later.Once a person is enlightned there will not be any obvious difference in that person from others except his attitude which is " the truth".

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Many "Budhists" will get offended with me comparing Buddha with a "layman".I do not feel guilty in doing so.Humble nature of Buddha was beyond our imagination.His tea hing shows no reason at all not to be humble.
But Buddha did not answer 10 questions of Aggi Watctchgoththa regarding world and the being.That is not pride.The reason was,the questions were irrelevant.Buddhas teaching does not refer to the world and the being.To keep mum was one technique Buddha used to impart knowledge.
Both Buddha and Tolle agree that "ego" is a mind made non entity.It is the cause of all suffering.Buddha refers to it as "sakkaya dhitthi".According to Buddha and Tolle past and future are non existent.The mind identifies one self from past and projects into future to seek salvation.In doing this the mind ignores the present which is the only thing that exists.Tolles teaching is to keep the mind in the present moment.Buddha calls this "stathi"A basic difference Tolle says present moment exists but but Buddha denies this too.Buddha boils down every thing to voidnes (shunyatha) and that whole thing is mind work (ciththena eka dhamassa) When ego is non existent what exists is termed 'being" 'presence" "essence""whole" and "formless dimension" by Tolle at different times.
Buddha has said that words are inadequate to teach dhamma and arguments will be useless to understand dhamma (atakkawachara)Perhaps Buddha used "asankahtha" ( non formed") or nibbana for what Tolle uses so many nouns and adjectives to explain.
Buddhas teaching is in universe things undergo annihilation so fast and even his teaching cannot exist and that all his teaching is a temporary measure to help people seeking enlightenment.Teaching and the teacher is to be discarded (will be automatically discarded )once enlightenment is achieved (Alagaddupama sutta: Majjima Nikaya 1).He says "ehi passiko" Look from 'my' dimension and "pacchattam vedithabbo" reailse for "your self"!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


These are great pieces of art and great works of writing.They contribute nothing or very little to spiritual life of people.
The first Buddha statue came probably five centuries after Buddha.They have close resemblance to Greek sculpture.Both in statues and painting Buddha has effeminate features.He is very clean shaven .Having travelled in India having seen places habituated by Buddha (eg.Gijjakuta) distances trekked by him he should have been a rugged person.Writings and reilgious illustrations, both modern and ancient paints Buddha as a handsome clever even revengeful proud magician! He could travel in the sky,he could emit rays from the body,could foresee the future.He was nothing of the kind.He was an intelligent human being who indulged himself till mid thirties and sired a son too.He was very sensitive to human suffering and radical had ideas.In fact his path to enlightenment ,"yathabhutha gnana" is translated by some authorities as "radical contemplation".Well ,it is contemplating in a radical and a bold manner.
Impression of god is a old man in the sky spying on us according to all fact it is not that god created man in his own image the man created god in his own image.God is revengeful,jealous and selfish too.
Clergy of religions work for their survival.They maintain the religious establishment and thrive on it.Time has come for us to ignore them and seek salvation ourselves.
Let nice writings be in libraries and book shops.Nice pieces of art can be left in museums or in temples and churches as they are now.They have their own role but not in spiritual development.
Let priests practise priesthood just like lawyers practice law and doctors practice medicine.This should not be regarded as a spiritual dimension.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

(On Vap Poya day with Meththa)

Buddhas teaching became known as Buddhism, like communism and the followers became Buddhists like communists.This denied his teachings to many.
One does not have to be Buddhist to take advantage of his teachings.Even five percepts which are symbloic of being a buddhist were not preached by Buddha.They were existing during his time and he approved it.If one learns teachings of Buddha his discipline will be much more than stipulated by five percepts. Buddha means wisdom.His teachings were about the nature.
In twentieth century we have killed thousand million of our fellow beings.Scientific development was vast and we were supposed to have got more civilised in twentieth century.
Concept of "ego" is the biggest reason for creating suffering for one self
and to others according to Buddha.Ego is created by the past,identifying one self
and future to seek salvage.Past and future are non existent.Only the present moment really exists.Time in fact is an illusion.One has to be mindful about the present moment.This solves many if not all of our problems.
Buddha never preached about rebirth.What he taught was rebeing.The concept of "me" forms with every thought.When the thought changes "me" also changes.This rebeing.There is no permenenant "me"
Final goal of the Buddhist ,nibbana, the deathless realm is not a place where one goes after death.It is an attitude developed by careful use of the mind realising that there is no one to die and that there is nothing lost at death or for that matter nothing can be lost during life.
Echart Tolle modern spiritual teacher preaches the same thing.If you think Buddha is too old fashinoned you can read Eckhart Tolle.His first book"Power of Now" can transform your life."A New Earth" is the next book.You can look up Eckhart Tolle right now in Google
Born as Christian Tolle beleives that Christanity too has suffered the same thing as Buddhism.He explains this in his books.Osho was another modern spiritual teacher who taught similar doctrine.But his writings are not so profound.
If you can follow up Stephen Hawkings (Nobel lautreate disabled physicist) in"Brief History of Time" you will have deep undertanding of our existence.It will look more meaningful.You will feel happier.You will not create suffering to others and you will not suffer any more.
Let us wipe off suffering from the Universe!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Passing the merit to deceased (punyanumodhana) is impossible according to buddhist doctrine.Merit ,the performer of the mertorious deed,and the deceased are all mental formations (sanskara) nothing can happen between mental formations because a mental formation itself is an illusion.
Buddhist priests are exploiting the sentiments of beraeved for their benefit.Another aspect is not even 1% of priests are converscent with the doctrine.
There is nothing wrong in offering alms.The priest need food.It is just a case of offering a meal, nothing beyond that.
The fact that one has a doctorate in Buddhist philosophy does not meam that he is convercent in the doctrine.The doctorate in fact may be a hindrance.
To impart knowledge of buddhist doctrine language is a poor medium.
One has to prferably practice meidtation guided by a fact it is not knowledge it is a matter of "seeing" for one self.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Recently a priest was arrested for playing pirith over a loudspeaker and causing sound pollution and it became a big issue .A famale neighbour of a monastery assaulted a nun for the same reason.The judge hearing the case quite rightly seemed to be more sympathetic towards the assailant!
In strict buddhist sense chanting pirith serves no purpose.It is only making a public show.Buddha never promoted this and even condmned it.Since the Buddhist priests thrive on these practices they will never agree or disclose the facts.You can refer Geethassara Suththa :Angutththara Nikaya :3 and verify if you are very keen.
Chanting prith is like a patient or patients relations reading a doctors prescription slowly ,with a rhythm without administering medicine.
If you refer to above suththa Buddha condemned the practice particulary because one gets attached to the rhythm.Buddha wants us to renounce. "Sabbe dhamma pahathabban" (renounce every thing) was the teaching of Buddha.He was against hedonism.To be attached to a rhythm is hedonic.In advanced Buddhist doctrine of "Sunnyatha" (nihilism) nothing exists.Things (dhamma) seems to exist due to illusion.Our perception of the universe is an illusion.

Friday, October 10, 2008


The Sri lankans are notorious to do things to boost up the ego."Doctus" in Latin means learned.For a medical doctor like me "Dr" is a job discription,like Piyadasa baassunnahe,chef Pererea I am Dr. so & so .The medical ordinance however gives me the legal right to use it.
Universities offer doctorates in keeping with Latin word "doctus".Honarary doctorates also should be given to people who are learned.Soma Edirisinghe and Sicille Kotalawala are trying to out do each other with doctorates.(Typical of women)Then there is Deshamanya Doctor Lalith Kotalawala.Then of course there is Minister Doctor Meryvn Silva.

Monday, October 06, 2008


I have not known Rajah as poltician.To me he was a charismatic senior colleague.
We never discussed politics when we met.We had more meaningful things to discuss.He used to be seen at social gatherings in his "kapati kit" (safari suit).
I have had bitter but non violent arguments with him several times.I found him to be matching personality to argue with.At the end we use to break up cheerfully.
Somebody thought the world will be better without him and his wife.
The last time I spoke to him was the day his house was burnt down.I got him over his mobile and told him as to how disturbed I was by the news.He related to me the whole ordeal he went through.
I do miss him.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


This looks a dangerous trend.72 % interest and 96% interst to those in security forces !Where do these people invet the money?
Is it on narcotics?
These deposits are obviously not safe!
The man dies one looses all the money.
People sell their business premises ,fishing boats and deposit money.
Is'nt this a very unstable situation?
Do people indulge in this kind of financial practices when economy hits
rock bottom?
The central bank should study this in depth.
If no remedial action is taken there is bound to be a crisis!

Friday, October 03, 2008


After Sakvithi scam the Central Bank has decided to suspend business in six unauthorised financial establishments.
How many such estabilshments are there?
Why pick only six?
What are the criteria to pick them?
On what criteria have the others allowed to carry on?

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Where are the child protection activists?
Where are the officials of the private bus owners association who hold news conferences to increase the bus fairs?
Where is Dallas Alhapperuma?
Who issued the fitness certicificate for the bus? Can a bus deteriorate to such an extent during the one year period the certificte is valid?
When I was holidaying in UK last time a 11 year child was knocked down and killed while the driver was on the mobile phone with hands off device.It was featured in all newscasts for about three days.Use of telephone even with hands off devices was banned immediately( Research shows hads off phone is as bad as hand on phone in affecting driving skills).Nobody claimed that I am a son of a gun an therfore I must be allowed to use a phone while driving!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


And of course the slow track is fast! I am talking about the Sri Lankan roads.We have more than 2000 deaths per year on our roads.This is close upon the deaths caused by the North East conflict.The fact is this is highly preventable.And it will not cost us anything.We have to be disciplined.
Road courtesy is non existent.Once a private coach driver in colourful Sinhala when I halted my car at a pedestrian crossing for a pregnant lady to cross.Pregnant as she was she crossed taking a little time.
Violation of low is the rule.The private bus drivers,three Wheeler drivers and the drivers of Prados and Monteros that they have right of the way under all circumstances.People drive cutting the double line in the presence of the police officers.The drivers who drive fast violating the rules are supposed to be popular among the bus commuters.
The traffic cops will signal you to move against red light.Little do they realise that this blunts the driving reflexes cultivated over the years.If police wants to control the traffic they must knock off the traffic lights.The VIP motorcades too should obey traffic rules.
Signals like blinking the head lamps are simply stupid!One feature in all Sri Lankan drivers is that they try to force their way through.This is something they have learned from the politicians.They try to force their way through in all areas of their lives.
In developed coutries even the elderly drive about alone on busy roadways without hassle.In Sri Lanka there will be lot of tooting of horns and flashing of headlights from rear targeting the eldely driver.

She manned a remote central dipensary.These were one man stations of that were run by apothecaries. (RMPS) in early days.She was shot dead by a lone gunman in the presense of her father.The gunmman was a person from security forces.
She hailed from Dodanduwa.Passed year five scholarship and enterd a bigger school in Kalutara.Her father financed her education by selling varoius handicraft items to tourists.She was a vegetarian. Her pet name was Menika.(the gem)
A sad story indeed.There is something wrong somewhere.