Sunday, February 24, 2013

Work to Rule at General Hospital Matara

What is the message GMOA trying to convey?Are they demanding to be beyond disciplinary action? Do GMOA members reduce the number of patients when chanelling?Some of them see as  much as twenty patients in an hour!They even attend on duties which are not their responsbility in private sector. Eg Attending on normal deliveries.Very soon political goons will assault GMOA members with the blessings of the poeple !

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Achala's Amputated Hand

Achala ,the law student ended up with an amputation of left upper limb above elbow while being treated for a mid forearm fracture.
We heard a lot about sophisticated prosthetic limbs,rescheduling examinations,getting her mother down from Lebanon etc.She was visited by many politicians and political mileage was gathered.
About three  years back a one and a half year old child was amputated under similar conditions and we are not aware as to what was done .
We are not aware of what happened in Matara Hospital.
The reason could be three things or a combination of three factors.
1.System failure.(A fault in the system adapted to deal with patients.The coordination between care givers depends on the system)
3. Incompetence..
The action should be directed towards prevention of recurrences.There should be short term medium term and long term action.If it is system failure the system should be revised.If it is negligence the short term action is punishing those responsible .In long term personnel should be trained to handle reponsibility and action should be taken to improve their moral attitudes.If it was incompetence training should be reviewed .

What seems to be done does not look meaningful