Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prof.Carlo was Wise

Prof.Carlo Fonseka was wise to refuse the post of Sri Lanka Medical Council president.Sometimes we are made to sit on a chair to prevent somebody else sitting there.We are offered the place for negative reasons.If he accepted the post he would have been the laughing stock like Sanath Jayasuriya or Mohanlal Grero .He would have left an image of a man who ruined the standards medical education and meidical practice of this country.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alleged Baby Farm

"Pem Nivasa" was much in news.It was raided by child protection authority.The place is run by catholic nuns.
I am a Buddhist.But I have helped this establishment.I have persuaded a very rich patient of mine to help them.He is a Christian and he was very generous.
What impressed me was their caring for unmarried mothers.Some of the have become pregnant as a result of incest mostly the culprits are their brothers or fathers.
Why cannot Buddhists run an establishment to care for this type of women.Most Buddhists including priests look at these women with contempt contrary to Buddhas teachings.They look at the establishment with envy and suspicion.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Buddhist High Priests and the Archbishop

The Archbishop of Colombo made a very firm and strong statement about the baby farm scandal concerning mother Theresa's Home in Katubedda.Though Court action is pending he did not care a damn.He said he will not attend any public functions including State functions during the Christmas season unless the matter is rectified.
Why is that Mahanayakas backbones are not so strong? It was a shame to see selecting priest in charge of Sri Pada with policemen hanging around.Pitiduwe Sri Dhanmma was subject to impromptu arbitrary action of other priests. Whether allegations against the priest ware true is a different issue .Mahanayakas are silent.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Some Things Missing in Southern Expressway.

In other countries expressways have three tracks,fast,slow and overtaking.We have only two.They have a "shoulder" to park in an emergency.To judge the distance they have inverted "V" shaped markings called chevrons.Vehicles are supposed to keep a distance of three chevrons between vehicles.