Sunday, December 21, 2008

Predicting and Blessing

This is very common practice among Buddhist monks.Both are totally against Buddhist doctrine.They may be aware of this.At the same time they know this is method of making people "happy" and may be carried out for financial gain.
In Buddhist doctrine there is no future.There is no time factor (akaalika).What is there to predict?Whom to bless? There is no being! (nissaththo)In Buddhist doctrine there is no "present" either.Only thing is voidness (suunno)
The famous Buddhist Thai Buddhist priest Ajan Cha was supposed to be an arahath (has attained highest degree of mundane wisdom).VIPs used to ask him to stroke their heads so that they will be blessed.Ajan Cha used to say there is no difference in my stroking a cabbage or stroking the head of a VIP !
VIPs used to come to him and request to predict future .He used to say Sir/Madam your future is uncertain!This is the reply any one reasonably literate in Buddhist doctrine will give if requested to predict future.
Buddhist literature is full of instances where Buddha predicted future.I am certain Buddha was never up to such nonsense.His doctrine has a quality called "swakkhatho" in Pali which means that there is no contradiction. One should not confuse Buddhist literature with the Buddhist doctrine
The Common Factor

Sakvithi Ranasinghe who played out deposits in his finance company was a "Deshamaanya".Now Deshamaamnya Doctor Lalith Kotalawala also seems to have trouble in paying his depositors who invested money in his finance company.
A 'Deshamaanya factor" seems to be operating.The list of similar "Deshamaanyas" will become longer with time.
Politicians and Patriots

A patriot is an intellectual .A politician is a crook.

A patriot has no personal agendas has .A politician has only personal agendas

A patriot is a sensitive person .A politician is a insensitive person

A patriot sacrifices personal means for a common goal .A politician amasses wealth somehow

A patriot does not lie.A politician habitually lies

A patriot does not contradict himself .A politician frequently contradicts himself

A patriot is not worried about publicity A politician always demands publicity

Patriots are few in number .We have more than required number of politicians

Only few potential patriots exist but every criminal is potential politician

Patriot have good morals .Politicians are immoral in all aspects

Patriots are religious.Politicians behave like religious.

Patriots are killed by politicians .Politicians are killed by other politicians
Nobody Can "Attain" Nibbana.

We frequently read and hear wishes as "May he/she attain nibbana" .No body can attain nibbana.More you try to attain nibbana will distance itself from you! It is in fact of ultimate renunciation. It is bliss of non attachment.The bliss of letting go!According to Buddha all suffering is created by attachment or craving.
The Sinhala term "nivan dakithwa" is more appropriate.You realise
me /world are illusions and realise the futile nature of craving.

In Sri Lanka ,we think that every thing should be big.
Hence rediculous term like,

Maha dansala,
Maha thoran rjaya,
Maha Rohala,
Maha Vidyalya,

Maha Nayaka,
Maha amati,
Maha Veediya,
Maha Purana Viharaya,
Maha maargaya,
Maha wansaya
In fact there is nothing "maha" in a maha vidyalya.They are all shanty bulidings.Same can be spoken of maha rohalas.Before doing anything we name it 'maha".Why dont we use humble words and do great things.Let other people decide whether they are great or not.

In Sri Lanka everything gets ruined because of political agendas.When we got Independence mature ,patriotic people came into politics.Since nineteen seventies those in politics realised that it could be exploited for personal gain.The necessity to to stick on politics propped up.Hence political agendas superseded everything.
Our health care,education,fine arts,sports,transport,diplomatic relations,economy and even war effort to combat terrorism is suffering severe set backs because of political agendas.
Recently when minister of education was speaking over the media about the controversial maths paper of O level examination ,he was using a tone suitable for his political opponents.He is not realising that he is addressing a victimised party ,the students plus the parents.The same was observed when health minister was addressing the media about use of date expired plasma filtration kits in the blood bank.He was using a tone and words suitable for his political opponents.Little did he realised that he was speaking to anxious people utilising State heath care facilities.
Accountability,responsibility patriotism, sacrifice and integrity seems to be words non existent in the vocabularies of politicians and high officials ,not speak of common decency.

Friday, December 19, 2008


No Certainly not.But in Sinhala all of them are referred to as war heros,the Rana Viruvas.
Majority join the army for negative reasons.They cannot find another job. There is no reason to give priority to there offspring in school admissions and so on.We Sri Lankans are sentimental fools!Shrwed politicians take maximum advantage of this situation.

Friday, December 12, 2008


When you look at a room with furniture and people did you ever think of the space occupied by the people and the furniture.When you hear a noise did you ever think of the silence.If there was no silence can the noise exist?
If every thing in universe is destroyed what Will remain?The space isn't it? Before universe formed what was there? Space,isn't it?
Who created space?
If universe is not there ,what is distance? For distance to be there there should be two points as "land marks"If there is no distance what is time?
Nothing seems to be absolute.Every thing seems to be relative.Is there any thing that is absolute?

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Time is Not Precious

Time is an illusion.The human being judges the present in terms of past ,seeks salvation in future which is projected time and creates misery.Time is the cause of human suffering.Remove time from the mind and the problems dissolve.If one disregards time the timeless formless realm starts opening up.
Living through memory and anticipation is torture .Nothing ever happened in the past.Nothing will happen in future.Now is the only existing thing .Visit the past briefly to learn from the past visit the future briefly to plan.When one dwells in the past and/or future one creates psychological time or converts clock time into psychological time.
Suffering needs time.It cannot survive in the present moment. Future is always imagined as better or worse than now .Mind creates an obsession to escape into the future.The future is is a projection of the past.Time bound mind is a big problem.
Buddha was the first to realise that time was an illusion.He describes his doctrine as "akalika" which means that there is no time factor is involved.
Modern non religious spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle too agrees that time is an illusion.Most of above ideas were sourced from his book "Power of Now'

Friday, December 05, 2008



These were recent shocking news items.This happens in country where even internet porn is being planned to be censored. The behaviour of the Sri Lankan male leaves much to be desired.
In nature testosterone ,the male hormone is the one that creates sex drive in both sexes.Females also have male hormones in their body,in small amounts.These are produced by the supra renal glands.The female sex drive too is related to these hormone levels.Small doses of testosterone increase the sex drive and ability to achieve orgasms in women.The sex hormone on male makes him to seek sexual activity.The Sri Lankan males are sexually starved.That makes them to commit sex crimes.
Prostitution should be legalised and pornography should be liberalised.Pornography serves as a sexual outlet.In countries like Sweden and Denmark where pornography is rampant and with sex shops sex crimes are very rare.Child abuse and sex crimes are very strictly dealt with in these countries.They are very peaceful countries where human right abuses are not heard of.Being a Buddhist country prostitution is rampant in Thailand.In Thailand you do not encounter males casting dirty remarks when women are going about.It is common practice in Sri Lanka
We have to do away with hypocrisy.It is useless not to sell alcohol Poya days.A politician can get a lot of mileage from such moves.Same with the pornography issue.
A bachelor or a widower will not violate the third precept in Buddhism by engaging the services of a prostitute.Sexual misconduct is relationship with women who are being looked after by others.The prostitute on the the other hand solicits sex.If one refers a good book on Buddhism under violation of third precept one can find this information.Buddhist sciptures clearly define as to what constitutes violation of the third precept.
Prostitution was practised in India during Buddhas time in localities where he lived.He never moved to interfere with these issues.Buddha was not a social reformer.He was a reformer of the mind."Sachiththa pariyodapnam" Cleanse your mind" that was his advice.
I write this as a tee totaller a vegetarian and a person strictly adhering to five percepts.I would like to add Buddha never preached the five percepts.It was already there.He okay ed it.