Friday, July 29, 2011

State Bank and Private Bank

I maintain a current account in Bank of Ceylon since 1972.I have never obtained a loan or an overdraft.I have never had a cheque returned for lack of funds.I maintain a steady balance of two million rupees.My wife has another two million rupees as fixed deposits in the same bank.
I have a credit card with a purchase limit of Rs 200000/= When I requested an increase in credit limit by Rs 50,0000/= somebody who addressed me as "oya" declined to offer it.Later it was offered to me by a DGM interfering when I complained.
Recently I applied for a credit catd to HSBC.I was offered a platinum card with credit limit of Rs 500000/= without any fuss.I do not have a cent as deposits in HSBC.
People in HSBC address me as "sir' 0r "oba thuma" on the phone.I am thinking of ending all business dealings with BOC.I need not trust an establishment which does not trust me or respect me.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ministers Unsavoury Remarks About Elderly Candidate

The Minster of Housing made negative remarks about the elderly candidate Buddhadasa during the campaign. based on his age.The Prime Minister is definitely older than him and HE the President may be the same age.Buddhadasa does not of course try to hide his age by dying the hair.
It is unsavoury to make negative remarks on ones age or physical disabilities in public.No cultured and civilised man will ever do it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is "Andaya" Synonymous with "Pottaya"?

No certainly not! There are several sign boards close to blind school ,Ratmalana warning about blind children crossing.The chldren are "andayas".Those who halt the vehicle on the zebra crossing to wait for the red light to change,are "pottayas".
"Andaya" is a physical disablity."Pottaya" is a matter of attitude.It is okay to be an "andaya".But it is disgraceful to be a "pottaya"

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting Physically Abused Because One is Rich

The rate of Cesarean operation is regarded around 12 % in any good health system according to the World Health Organisation..If the figure is high it indicates that mothers who do not need the operation is subjected to the procedure.We maintain a figure around 12 % in State hospitals. That means the quality of practice is good.The rate in private sector is almost 100%.This means that the quality of practice is putrid. Occasionally a patient has a normal delivery when the doctor is held up in a traffic jam or he is cutting up another mother.What is the motivation ? It is money nothing but money!
A lady known to me who lives in UK that she will most probably have a normal delivery by the UK doctors.She came to Sri Lanka in the late stages of the confinement.She booked a private nursing home for the confinement.The moment she mentioned about normal delivery the Sri Lankan nursing home doctors became very abusive!.
The poor people go to State run hospitals and have correct care.The rich go the private nursing homes and get physically abused!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Economising on Electricity

The Minister of Power & Energy is apealing to us to econmise on electicity.It was just six weeks back we were putting up elaborate decorations which heavily consumed electricity.What were we doing ? Celebrating Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi , of course !And the theme of the celebrations? Sambuddhathwa Jaynthiyata pilwethin pela gasemu which means"Let us celebrate the event based on Buddhist priciples !"Are lack of foresight and blatant wasting Buddhist principles? What hypocrisy!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sports Doctor Should Heal Himself

In present era Sri Lanka is luckyto have sports personnel in international arena.We have to abide by international rules on substances banned to be used by sports personnel.We cannot fight and change these laws.The medical chief of Sports Ministry has a great National responsibility.He is not expected to protect people compromising National interests.
In a press conference Dr.Githanjana Mentioned that if the sports personnel in the international arena wishes to obtain services of an unqualified person he will not obstruct it.Why ? In whose interest? He is paid by tax payers when holding his position.Furthermore if he tolerates an qualified person the medical unit of the ministry the Medical Council can take disciplinary action against him for associating unqualified personnel in delivering health care.
He must take an effective potion to strengthen his spine and heal himself or leave that chair so that it is occupied by a more responsible person.