Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Contaminated Spinal Nedles

About a year back mothers who had undergone Caesarian Sections started developing meningitis in several State hospitals of Sri Lanka.About ten of them died by the time the cause namely a fungus was discovered.Source of fungi was traced to the Spinal needles.
These needles have been purchased from a questionable source.Most of the mothers who died were poor.
No investigation was done.The resposibility was not fixed on any one.The culprits have got away with impunity.
How disgraceful? (Most of the health administrators in Sri Lanka are doctors.)

Monday, November 20, 2006

FDA Approved,My Foot!

Lester Craawford former comissioner of FDA has pleaded guilty for failing to disclose financial holdings in companies regulated by FDA.ob He had Sysco and Pepsico stock and was a member of obesity control goup!This is coflict of interest.
FDA may may be harbouring many such officials.Vivoxx( roficoxib) issue Canola oil issue wre well noted in the recent past
The slogan "FDA Approved" does mean nothing to me.Does it mean anything to you?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

FDA Approved, My Foot!

Lester Crawford former Commissioner FDA pleaded guilty for failing to declare financial holdings in companies regulated by FDA according to British Medical Journal 28.10.2006.Hr owned Pepsico and Sysco stock while being in FDA obesity working group.
Many more like him may still be their in FDA.Vivoxx (rofecoxib) issue showed that FDA lacks transparency.News rgarding Canola oil to brought dicredit to FDA.
The slogan "FDA approved" does not mean any thing to me.Does it mean any thing to you?
Update 0n 27 March2007,
Lester Crawford has been fined 87000 Us dollars,sentenced to two years supervised probation 50 hours of community service.Well done!
Howmany more "Crawfords" are there in FDA? Who knows?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two Recent Events in Sri Lanka Reported in Press

A mother went to a docors private clinic with a three year old with an infected big toe.The doctor said the toe nail had to be removed.He took a pair of forceps and pulled out the nail of wrong big toe without any anaesthetic of course!
A minor procedure was carried out with a tourniquet on a patients index finger in a hopital.The torniquet was not remved after the procedure.The finger became gangrenous and had to be amputated.
A crazy lot, these doctors!

Monday, November 13, 2006

How Honourable is UN?

Why was former Sri Lankan President selected for a responsible UN post?It was well known that she was responsible for innumerable cases of human right violations during her tenure of office.She was dishonest and siphoned out State funds.Is Un a resting place for the worlds biggest rogues?