Wednesday, July 11, 2007


In Sri Lanka there is no age limit for doctors to practise in private sector.When you observe some doctors available in private sector one has reasonable doubts about their cognitive function and therefore safety of their practising.
There is an ENT surgeon ,whose writing is clearly evident of the writers Parkinsons disease.He of course does not perform any surgical procerdures.
The patients do not like to consult extremely senile doctors.As a result these senile doctors make themselves available on weekends when the younger colleagues are not avaliable.When a desperate patient consults him he invariably prsuades him to get hospitalised under his care.The patient gets mercilesly fleeced.
Senile doctors relaxing in their homes will be better for the their health as well as the health of the patients.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sri Lankan Doctors and Astrologers Use The Same Strategy

If you go to a astrloger to get your horoscope read he will invariably tell you that you have very bad times ahead.He will suggest to you various "poojas" etc where he plays an important part ,of course for money.No body will be reassured and sent away.
The doctors are also the same.They will tell the client that his health is in very bad shape.A lot of tests have to be done in tha doctors laboratory (no where else!)
or a laboratory of doctors choice.The client has to rport to the doctor once a week!Most of the patients get bored of the process or realise that the doctor is playing them out and keep off! By that time he had made lot of money!

One nursing home in Colombo is sending round a "marketing executive" to see GPs.Agreement is you will get 20 % of the amount in the billl if you arrange admission of a patient.At least one GP got offended and retorted at the "executive" Well, doctor majority of your coleagues are awailing of the facility" was the shocking answer!
Chances of geting caught? Nil ! You do not have to sign any document.Money will be dlivered to you in currency at your door step in an unmarked envelop!
Some GPs cofess that their "commission income" is bigger than the "practice income' !
This is worst form violating the trust placed on the doctor by the patient.