Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ranil Bashing for Referring to Prostitutes

The opposition leader is being dealt within an unfair manner for referring to prostitutes.I am not a fan of any politician.But even Buddha made comments like this.He referred to people performing stunts with mental power and said what they are doing is like prostitutes taking off clothes for money!
He also mentioned that when women dress up they cover the crucial places to increase the curiosity. But the beauty of dhamma can be seen only when it is fully uncovered like the full moon..'Are these blasphemy ?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Was Mahamaya Prince Siddahrthas Mother ?
Mahamaya is a strange name! Mahamaya means the great illusion .In Buddhist teaching it is vinnana.Mahamaya is supposed to have died seven days after the delivery.The explanation given by Buddhist monks is that Buddhas should not have siblings! (Why ?)
Prince Siddhartha on attaining Buddhahood acquired maha pragna (great wisdom). Great wisdom and great illusion cannot exist side by side. Is elimination Maha Maya (great illusion) giving place to Maha Pragna a riddle in Buddhist scriptures?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Diagnosis of Death

Once when I was driving along Galle Road, there was somebody laid down on the roadside with blood stains.Police was present. I pulled on to the roadside asked an onlooker as to what was happening.The person lying down was apparently has been knocked down by a vehicle and was supposed to be dead. I asked as to why he thinks that the victim is dead.He said "Well, the police said so".I drove off .He could have been alive but unconscious. If I tried to interfere ,knowing our police,I knew that I may end up dead.
I know of a person who was knocked down by vehicle when he was riding to work.He was left as dead, covered with old newspapers. A Buddhist monk removed the news papers and had a look.His yellow robe naturally offered some resistance to police brutality.Some "gut feeling" told the monk that the man was alive.He summoned a three wheeler loaded the man into it ,despite protests of police and took him to Kalubowila Hospital.The three wheeler driver signed as the person bringing the patient,but the monk did not leave any data about his identity .The man recovered with minor disabilities.Two years after the incident he is still looking for the monk.
I told him that his efforts are futile.The monk did not naturally expect any thing in return.Obviously the monk has been spiritually highly mature.When such people do things they have no strings attached.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Ministry of trade has imported a stock of cement as there is shortage in the Island.The bags have an "SLS" label.The SLS Bureau says that it never issued the SLS certificate to the stock of cement and that the cement is inferior in quality.The Ministry of trade insists that the cement is of good quality.
1. There seems to be no communication among State establishments.
2. Some officials tend to overstep their authority for reasons best known to themselves. ( Trade ministry official guaranteeing the quality of cement which he is neither empowered nor qualified to do.)
3.Consumer Protective Authority is a toothless lion.(Takes up the position that it cannot take action without anyone making a complaint)
4.The consumer is at a badly disadvantageous position.
5. If cement is of poor quality it will be difficult to bring culprits to book since the structures built using the cement will take sometime to collapse killing people.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

National Drug Policy

The National Drug Policy was first drafted in mid seventies.So far it has not become the Law.Patients Right Movement has gone to courts.The Supreme Court has ordered the Hon.Minister of Health to present it in Parliament within two months.
In the hedging deal the supreme court order was not implemented.Same thing may happen with the National Drug Policy too.The pharmaceutical industry will use all the resources and power to stop it being presented in Parliament.They will succeed.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fast Track is Slow !

In a two lane road right hand side track is the fast track the left hand side is the slow track.In Sri Lanka people overtake from the left side.Some times the left hand side track becomes really fast and the right hand side track becomes virtually standstill.Okkoma kanapita!
This is because our drivers have no track discipline and the traffic police is very poor in educating the drivers.