Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Piliyandala Medical College: A De Jauv Feeling

It surfaced about 10 years back.It was initiated by a doctor.An aging ex professor
was hired.Students were enrolled before recognition by SLMC. The management went out of the way to enroll children of powerful people. One was an ex health junior minsters daughter. They went out of the way to recruit doctors children.
Medical college never materealised and money was not rfunded. Nobdy was held responsible.No legal action was taken.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Criticising the GMOA to Cover up Malabe Medical College Issue

"If you engage in private practice you should not be against private medical colleges" is what supporters of Malabe medical college tell the GMOA or persuade other people to tell.GMOA is coming out with quite valid criticism on Malabe medical college.In brief they say that it is analogous to Sakviti scam.I agree with them.In doing this GMOA has never taken up a position to say that they are against private medical colleges. Thus the slogan of the supporters of the the Malabe Medical college is not valid.
Quality of service offered in channel service leaves much to be desired.It is GMOAs Achilles heel.Supporters of Malabe medical college is shrewdly exploiting this situation and trying to win the sympathy of the public in fighting this issue.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Private Medical School at Malabe

I do not see any thing wrong in starting private medical schools as long as they can maintain the standard of medical education.But the Malabe medical college which has become a national issue provokes some queries.
When they were canvassing for student admissions they said that last three years of the course will be in Russia,After several intakes of students now they are trying to organise clinical training in State hospitals of Sri Lanka.Why is this late change in policy?
Why did,nt they finalise every thing about recognition before the intake of students?
Their fee too, seems to higher than the fee of most most foreign medical schools in the region.
Their enrolling children of powerful and influential parents including GMOA members was probably a plot.They planned to use the influence recognition and access to State medical facilities through these parents.It seems to have misfired right now.But 'bulldozing' method with the blessings of State may be used to achieve the objective.